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Customer overview

Banner Health is one of the largest nonprofit hospital systems in the country, with 35,000 employees providing health care in seven states, in 23 hospitals and health care facilities. It has built its reputation on excellent patient care, and is the leading provider of non-profit health care in every community it serves.

It was named one of the top ten health systems in the U.S. by Thomson Reuters in 2010, and was recognized for clinical excellence and innovation, as well as for safety in its patient care.

Business situation

Banner Health provides electrocardiography (ECG) monitoring to measure the electrical activity in patients’ hearts. It also uses fetal heart monitors to track fetal heart rates during pregnancy, labor, and delivery.

In order to maintain the highest standards in working with these technologies, Banner Health created a training program that teaches registered nurses, monitor techs, and staff from other healthcare disciplines how to interpret these monitor tracings. As part of this training program, an assessment approach was needed that would consistently measure these skills across different treatment modalities and settings.


Banner Health began partnering with eSkill in 2008, to create online tests for its medical training program. Using eSkill Author, Banner Health uploads its own questions to create customized, adaptable tests.

Banner Health also uses eSkill to assess the skill levels of new hires and determine their individual training plans. Meeting the educational needs of new hires is one of the many contributing factors to Banner Health’s reputation as a great place to work.

It was named one of the “Best Places to Work” according to the Phoenix Business Journal in 2010, for the fourth year in a row.

Banner Health Objectives:

  • Maintain highest standards in medical technologies.

  • Establish a training program with consistent and adaptable assessments.

Results and benefits

eSkill’s online testing platform helps streamline the assessment process for Banner Health, and allows them to easily quantify test results in multiple sites, and accurately determine where additional training is needed.

  • 4,000 staff members have been evaluated using eSkill testing.

  • The customized content is updated every 2-3 months.

  • eSkill testing is used in all 7 states, across all of 23 of the hospitals and health care centers.

About Banner Health

Headquartered in Phoenix, AZ, Banner Health is one of the country’s largest nonprofit health care systems. Located in seven states, Banner Health manages physician practices and nationally recognized research centers, in addition to its 23 health care facilities.
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We use eSkill to validate the nurses’ ongoing ability to interpret various types of rhythm strips correctly. We have been able to change the way we teach our rhythm identification classes, because we now have data related to the common mistakes made by our staff in rhythm identification or patient management.

Peggy Martin, MSN, RN, BC, Clinical Development Professional, Banner Critical Care Academy

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