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Husch Blackwell is a corporate law firm with over 800 lawyers in 20+ cities nationwide. It provides diverse services that range from Labor Relations and Employment Litigation Defense to Intellectual Property and Mergers and Acquisitions to a variety of industries such as Financial Services, Education, and Manufacturing.

The Situation

Husch Blackwell was using IBM Assess (formerly Kenexa) to administer employment assessments. However, it was necessary to find a new provider because IBM decided it would no longer sell Assess. Management set up an evaluation team to research potential solutions. The team’s goal was to choose a solution that would help Husch Blackwell recruit top candidates and make it possible for the HR team to easily identify which were best qualified for their job roles.

After looking at a variety of solutions, the evaluation team created a shortlist that included SHL, SkillCheck, Predictive Index, and eSkill.

The Solution

The team chose eSkill because it offered excellent value and provided the best candidate experience and decided a Basic Subscription was best for their needs. They also appreciated having the option to choose a pre-prepared test from among hundreds of subject- and job-based tests in the eSkill Test Library or building custom employment assessments by selecting questions from multiple tests and adding their own questions.

For example, they needed an employment assessment solution that would help them measure a candidate’s baseline understanding of specific legal concepts and as well as evaluate how attentive they were to details. eSkill’s assessment solution provided the tools that enabled them to accomplish this.

Another big consideration was how easy it was to use the eSkill assessment solution. The Husch Blackwell HR team was able to set up eSkill and start using it within hours without any training. They could find the information they needed instantly on the Dashboard and could sort test results by score or subject. If they needed help or had a question, they could contact their dedicated Assessment Expert.

The Results

Since the Husch Blackwell HR team implemented eSkill, they have found how much easier it is to screen candidates. When they renewed their subscription, they added “Author” so they could customize employment assessments and are planning to add video so they can include video response questions in tests.

As summed up by Tamra Harvell, HR Specialist, “We love the dashboard and the ease of use that eSkill provides. It is easily adaptable and we can customize to our needs.”

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