Custom Solutions – eSkill Branding

At eSkill, we offer the most customized solutions for your testing needs. You can even customize the look and feel of your eSkill Test Center, using one of two options:

  • Co-Branding
  • White Label


The Co-branding option allows you to place your company logo in your Test Center, so your candidates and employees see your logo when they are taking their tests. Your logo will appear on the Welcome pages test takers see when they sign in for a test, and also on your internal Test Center pages and Results page. It will also appear on any Reports you generate.

White Label

The White Label option provides a fully customized testing experience, with only your name and logo appearing, and no mention of eSkill.

With the White Label option:

  • Only your company logo will appear in your Test Center and Quiz Interface, with no reference to eSkill.
  • All notifications to test takers, including Welcome emails, Test Results emails, and Reports will include your company name only.
  • Customer Support, including email addresses, phone numbers, etc., will be in your name, but provided by eSkill.
  • All official notices, including Copyright Credentials, Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, and Feedbacks will include your company name only.
  • All URLs will include your company name only.

In addition, you can further customize your Test Center using:

Additional Fields
Ask your job candidates to provide additional information when they sign into their tests, such as their location, citizenship status, etc.

Customizable E-mails
Personalize the text of the e-mail message you send to test takers inviting them to take a test, and save it as a template you can reuse.

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