With a rapid shift toward remote work, the way we hire is changing. Fortunately, eSkill’s online pre-employment testing platform helps government entities identify top talent while streamlining and simplifying their remote hiring process. Here is a look at the top hiring skills tests for government jobs.

  1. Civil Engineer Skills Test

According to a  2020 survey conducted by the Center for State and Local Government Excellence, state and local government agencies are having difficulty filling many positions, and engineering jobs top the list. According to 61% of the respondents, there were “fewer qualified engineers applying compared to the number of positions available to be filled.”

While there may be a lack of qualified candidates, it is also possible that hiring teams overlook qualified candidates because they do not have the “right” experience and education listed on their resume. Unlike using objective measures like work experience or education credentials to qualify candidates, skills testing verifies and quantifies candidates’ job-relevant skills and aptitude.

eSkill’s Civil Engineer Skills Test enables organizations to quickly and effectively identify top candidates for engineering jobs by assessing their ability to plan, design, and manage a variety of construction projects. Skills and aptitudes measured include:

  • Using Auto CAD to prepare proposed construction specifications, drawings, layouts, and plans
  • Developing engineering solutions
  • Preparing cost estimates
  • Managing complex projects
  • Engaging and communicating with stakeholders across government and communities
  • Assessing and managing risk
  1. 911 Dispatcher Skills Test

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) expects the number of jobs in police, fire, and ambulance dispatching to grow 6% between 2019 and 2029—much faster than the national average. Considering that 911 dispatching is a critical function of any municipality, it is important to use an objective approach to fill the positions.

eSkill’s 911 Dispatcher Skills Test identifies candidates with the skills, behavioral traits, and knowledge needed for success. The employment assessment test assesses candidates’ ability to dispatch calls to the appropriate departments, receive and prioritize emergency and non-emergency calls, advise callers on the best course of action, and maintain electronic records and activity logs.

  1. Accounting Skills Tests

Just as the BLS anticipates the number of jobs in dispatching will grow faster than the national average, the same is true with accounting jobs in the public sector. In fact, the BLS projects that the number of accounting jobs in state and local government agencies will grow 6.6% between 2019 and 2029.

Since accountants in the public sector fill a wide range of roles, eSkill offers a variety of customizable accounting skills tests, including:

  • Accounting Administrator
  • Financial Analyst
  • Senior Payroll Processer
  • Reconciliation Specialist
  • Billing Coordinator

These tests measure different accounting skill sets using simulations and single- and multiple-subject tests. Human resources (HR) professionals can combine these job-based pre-employment tests with any of eSkill’s single-subject skills tests to create a comprehensive and job-relevant evaluation.

eSkill’s top single-subject accounting tests include:

  • Intuit QuickBooks Pro (multiple versions)
  • Financial Analysis
  • Tax Accounting
  • MS Dynamics Financials
  • Accounting and Bookkeeping Principles
  1. Office and Administrative Skills Tests

Government agencies need office and administrative staff members who are capable of performing a wide variety of tasks. eSkill’s vast library of job-based and single-subject office and administrative employment assessment tests enable organizations to evaluate candidates based on job-relevant competencies rather than using a generic test that does not measure the exact skills and aptitude required for a position.

eSkill’s top job-based office and administrative skills tests for government roles include:

  • Deputy City Clerk Skills Test: Measures candidates’ ability to deliver high-quality service to customers, proficiency in planning, organizing, and directing an efficient operation, and communication skills and accounting knowledge.
  • Administrative Assistant Skills Test: Evaluates candidates’ customer service skills, as well as proficiency using various computer applications.
  • Data Entry Operator Skills Test: Measures candidates’ ability to enter data from source documents to a computer-connected terminal, verify clerical data, and perform data processing clerical tasks.
  • Project Manager Skills Test: This test evaluates candidates’ ability to manage and administer projects by monitoring activities, creating reports, maintaining communication, and organizing meetings, programs, conferences, and courses. 

It is easy to combine any of these job-based employment assessment tests with eSkill’s single-subject skills tests, including:

  • Business Etiquette
  • Leadership Skills
  • Change Management
  • MS Office Simulation
  • Basic Digital Skills
  • Timed Typing
  • Remote Working
  • Videoconferencing Skills and Communication
  • Professional Communication
  1. Information Technology (IT) Skills Tests

It should not be a surprise that IT is a prominent driving force in many government agencies. With eSkill’s IT employment assessment tests, identifying top talent is simple.

eSkill’s top IT pre-employment tests for government roles include:

  • Network Engineer
  • Information System Security Engineer
  • IT Systems Support Specialist
  • Database Developer
  • Business and Quality Assurance
  • Web Developer
  • Technical Consultant

eSkill makes finding qualified talent easy regardless of the job roles your organization is hiring. With more than 1,000 “off-the-shelf” tests, you can select a test or customize a test using thousands of single-subject modules. eSkill’s dedicated U.S.-based Client Success Coaches can help your hiring team implement a pre-employment testing process that yields top talent. And after almost 20 years of testing, eSkill has a perfect compliance record—the best in the assessment industry.

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