Organizations often scale hiring efforts up or down to meet fluctuating demands for talent–even in a normal business environment. However, this has been more common recently as businesses dealt with the impact of COVID-19 stay at home orders. Companies have now weathered the economic storm and many are now rapidly implementing high volume hiring strategies to meet accelerating and changing business demands.

In a time when it is essential to ramp up hiring quickly, talent acquisition professionals must embrace advanced human resource (HR) technology to keep up. eSkill’s suite of innovative hiring tools enables employers to streamline their talent pipeline and hire the best candidates faster and at scale.

These are five strategies for developing a high-quality, technology-driven high volume hiring process.

  1. Create a Volume Hiring Roadmap

When developing a high volume hiring strategy, it is important to create a detailed and structured plan for hiring teams to follow.

A high volume hiring framework should include:

  • Steps in the hiring process
  • Members of hiring teams and their corresponding responsibilities
  • Ideal hiring time frames
  • Criteria for progressing candidates to the next phase of the hiring process
  • Hiring goals and metrics

While organizations’ steps in the hiring process will differ, here is a brief example of the steps to follow in a technology-driven high volume hiring process:

  1. Determine the number and type of open positions
  2. Conduct an analysis of the critical skills and competencies for each open position
  3. Write job descriptions that align with the results of the job analyses
  4. Post job openings
  5. Select or create skills tests that evaluate critical skills and competencies required for each position
  6. Administer skills tests to every applicant
  7. Rank candidates by score
  8. Send top-scoring candidates an on-demand video interview to complete
  9. Score on-demand video responses based on objective criteria and average the scores
  10. Schedule candidates with the highest on-demand video response scores for a final in-person or video interview
  11. Select top candidates, and extend job offers

Carefully illustrating and communicating the steps in a high volume hiring process will ensure every member of the hiring team is on the same page and keep the talent pipeline moving.

  1. Leverage Skills Tests

The single best way to create a shortlist of top talent from hundreds or even thousands of applicants is to administer online skills tests that measure the specific skills and knowledge required to succeed in a position. A recent survey conducted by Indeed showed that pre-employment skills tests reduce the average time-to-hire by 27%.

Not only does skills testing provide a fast way to verify job-relevant competencies, but it is also extremely effective. According to Gallup, when organizations use the results of skills tests to make hiring decisions, they realize 21% higher profitability and experience 59% less turnover.

eSkill’s user-friendly employment testing platform enables employers to easily select, configure, and automate the administration and scoring of skills tests. With hundreds of customizable job-specific and skill-specific tests to choose from, it is possible to leverage skills tests to quickly identify the most qualified candidates.

Partnering with eSkill makes incorporating skills tests into your hiring process simple. Your dedicated U.S.-based Client Success Manager will guide you and your team through the entire testing process from test selection to automated administration and candidate ranking.

  1. Optimize Interviewing Practices

On-demand video interviews are ideal for use after the skills testing portion of the hiring process is complete, and help reduce the amount of time and resources spent on screening candidates. On-demand video interviews are far different than conducting a “live” interview over video conferencing apps like Zoom. Instead, eSkill’s on-demand video interviews prompt candidates to record responses to prerecorded questions at their convenience.

With eSkill’s on-demand video interviewing software, hiring teams can:

  • Send a set of recorded video or voice questions to qualified candidates
  • Include a recorded company introduction and hiring process explanation in the on-demand interview request
  • Choose whether to give candidates the option to record video or voice responses and to attach supporting documents for questions
  • Set a time limit per question
  • Enable multiple members of the hiring team to view and score responses
  • Configure a scorecard for the hiring team to use that details how to award points for each question
  • Average or aggregate multiple reviewers scores
  • Watch, score, and share responses remotely

eSkill’s on-demand video interviews enable talent acquisition professionals to move more job-seekers through the hiring cycle, which accelerates the entire hiring process.

  1. Automate Processes

With eSkill’s tech-driven solutions, recruiters can automate time-consuming parts of the hiring process. And according to a LinkedIn survey, 68% of recruiting professionals agree that better recruiting technology is the top hiring performance booster.

With eSkill, employers can automate:

  • Administering and scoring skills tests
  • Ranking candidates
  • On-demand video interviews
  • Sending test and interview results
  • Verifying candidate identification
  • Redirecting candidates to custom landing pages depending on their test scores

An effective high volume hiring strategy automates as many portions of the hiring process as possible and enables organizations to scale up hiring efforts easily.

  1. Integrate HR Technologies

Many recruiters face a challenge when adding new HR technology solutions to their hiring process because many tools do not integrate. When tools lack integration capabilities, inefficiencies arise. This is not a problem with eSkill because its employment testing platform integrates seamlessly with popular Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and Learning Management Systems (LMS) which enables streamlined recruitment workflows. With an HR tech stack that facilitates a smooth high volume hiring process, organizations can improve both the candidate and recruiter experience.

For organizations that are preparing to begin high volume hiring, streamlining the process and automating routine tasks is the key to successfully hiring top talent. With eSkill, recruiters and HR professionals can hire more qualified candidates faster without wasting valuable time and resources.

Interested in Improving Your High Volume Hiring Process?

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