ESkill How Staffing Firms Leverage Pre Hire Assessment Tools

Strategic talent sourcing and deployment is front and center of every successful staffing firm’s playbook for success. Top staffing firms systematically gather data and perform analysis activities to make agile business decisions and capitalize on areas of opportunity.

Despite 2020 bearing some of the highest unemployment rates since the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics began collecting data, leading staffing firms are working to ensure the talent pipeline is filled with qualified candidates to meet new demands. In these conditions, effective recruiting and retention strategies are essential. With the types of jobs available and the way people work evolving rapidly in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, staffing professionals are leveraging pre hire assessment tools to remain competitive.

Develop a better understanding of how staffing firms are using pre hire assessment tools to remain profitable during today’s economic downturn in this overview of key strategies.

Developing a Clear Understanding of Clients’ Needs

Not surprisingly, the pandemic has shifted in-demand skills and impacted key jobs in every industry. As companies adapt to changing business demands and the economic slowdown, staffing firms must focus on what skills and jobs are truly essential and most valuable to their clients. By leveraging employment skills tests, staffing professionals can develop a data-driven picture of the skills available in the talent landscape.

To ensure employment assessments are reliable indicators of success on the job, talent acquisition professionals must first develop skills profiles. Skills profiles are detailed descriptions of the critical skills, and technical knowledge new-hires must possess.

Here is a brief overview of the steps top staffing firms take to develop comprehensive skills profiles:

  1. Identify the responsibilities and describe performance standards for employees currently in the role, or if the position is new to a company, consult with a subject matter expert.
  2. List all competencies required to fulfill responsibilities, eliminating any that are not critical for new employees to have at entry.
  3. Compile the data collected to develop job descriptions and specifications.

By taking the time to analyze clients’ open positions thoroughly, staffing professionals can reliably select or develop employment assessments that measure the critical skills and competencies required.

Providing Clients with Data-Driven Hiring Recommendations

When evaluating hiring assessment companies, it is critical to select a provider that offers test customization features. Employment assessments configured to measure the exact skills and competencies outlined in skills profiles of positions are reliable indicators of future job performance. Conversely, using a “one-size-fits-all” skills test can lead to mis-hires and worse, legal consequences. Therefore, it is critical to choose a hiring assessment company that can offer a large catalog of customizable assessments.

eSkill, a leader amongst hiring assessment companies, offers the most extensive library of customizable employment assessments in the industry. With hundreds of job-specific and single-skill assessments, thousands of modular subjects, and endless questions arranged by category, developing or selecting an employment assessment to match the specific requirements of any position across industries is possible.

With eSkill, testing candidates’ relevant skills and competencies is simple. eSkill offers every staffing firm a dedicated U.S.-based Client Success Manager specializing in test selection and customization. And with a perfect 16-year record free of litigation, you can feel confident using eSkill’s pre hire assessment tools.

Modernizing Interviews

Antiquated candidate screening processes slow down recruitment, and at times, are not even possible given social distancing requirements. Therefore, organizations in the staffing industry are trading in traditional practices for modern hiring approaches, including on-demand video interviewing.

eSkill’s on-demand video interviewing platform enables staffing professionals to review, score, and share candidates’ recorded responses to interview questions at any time and from anywhere. With an optional team scoring feature, multiple recruiters can evaluate the same interview responses simultaneously. The feature enables staffing professionals to configure scorecards with standardized criteria for awarding points to facilitate consistency across evaluators. When recruiters use eSkill’s structured approach to conducting and scoring interviews, the process becomes more objective.

eSkill’s on-demand video interviews decrease the time it takes to interview candidates and reduce bias in hiring decisions, ultimately improving candidate placement rates.

Streamlining Antiquated Processes

To fill the talent pipeline efficiently, staffing firms must strategically implement pre hire assessment tools that will streamline processes.

With eSkill, staffing firms can:

  • Gather, analyze, and share data, including detailed score reports with recruiters and hiring managers from any mobile device
  • Seamlessly integrate eSkill’s pre hire assessment tools with applicant tracking systems
  • Automate communications, including requests for applicants to complete employment assessments and on-demand interviews

By harnessing the power of advanced automation and predictive analytics, eSkill facilitates a streamlined and effective approach to screening candidates. eSkill’s suite of cutting-edge hiring tools improve communication with job-seekers, provide reliable insights to clients, and inform strategic talent decisions. With eSkill, your staffing firm can scale talent acquisition efforts and recruit top talent.

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