If an organization lacks the proper structure and resourcing to effectively screen and source candidates, talent acquisition can be costly and time-consuming. As a result, the pressure human resources (HR) professionals feel to ensure the talent supply chain runs smoothly is immense. For this reason, many organizations turn to Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO).

According to the Recruitment Process Outsourcing Association, an RPO is a form of outsourcing where a business outsources part or all of its recruitment process to an external service provider. RPO helps solve common recruiting challenges such as assessing candidates to ensure they meet key requirements for the job by bringing in outside experts to identify scalable recruiting solutions.

If you are interested in implementing RPO at your company, consider leveraging eSkill’s innovative skills testing platform. eSkill’s testing experts will assist your organization in implementing skills tests in your hiring process to decrease time-to-hire, improve fill rates, increase the quality of human capital, reduce turnover, and minimize administrative workload.

Gain Access to Advanced Technology

By combining their expert knowledge of eSkill’s HR technology with specific knowledge they learn about your company, eSkill’s Client Success Managers will customize and refine testing solutions that are based on your company’s unique needs.

Here is a sample process eSkill’s experts use for selecting and implementing skills testing:

  1. Conduct a Job Analysis. The process of gathering and analyzing information about the content and the requirements of a job, as well as the context in which the job is performed.
  2. Customize Skills Tests and Job Simulation Tests. eSkill’s experts configure assessments that directly align with the results of the job analysis to create tests that accurately measure and predict future job performance. With eSkill, hiring teams can quickly create custom skills tests by selecting from hundreds of modular subjects, thousands of subtopics, and a vast catalog of individual questions. eSkill’s user-friendly platform makes selecting or building skills tests simple, and eSkill’s Client Success Managers are available to assist hiring teams and test-takers 24/7.
  3. Validate the Assessment: To demonstrate the predictive value of skills tests, eSkill’s experts conduct statistical validation studies. Statistical test validation is the only way to develop legally defensible pre-employment assessments that are free of bias.
  4. Create a Short-List of Candidates. With the data gathered from the skills tests, eSkill’s experts make hiring decisions that initiate the next round of the screening process.
  5. Evaluate the Screening Process. eSkill’s experts collect data to evaluate the business impact of the decisions made using the assessments to ensure the best results.

eSkill offers testing solution flexibility that is enhanced by the ability to work with all applicant tracking systems (ATS) technology. This enables seamless integration and management of candidate information throughout the hiring process, candidate relationship management systems, chatbots, and sourcing and screening platforms for reviewing applicant information.

Benefits of Leveraging Skills Tests

Recruitment Costs Go Down: eSkill’s pre-employment testing solutions help improve quality-of-hire while lowering overall costs. What’s more, an effective employment testing strategy strengthens and streamlines recruiting processes, decreases time-to-hire, and lowers cost-per-hire. It also boosts overall operational efficiency, increases productivity, and reduces turnover, which improves your organization’s bottom line.

Reach a Broader Talent Pool: Implementing an applicant selection process that evaluates candidates remotely based on specific skill sets instead of work history or education credentials creates a much larger talent pool and virtually eliminates the risk of bias in the initial hiring stage.

Scalable Hiring Processes: eSkill’s tests automate deployment and scoring to screen out unqualified applicants so the HR team can focus on a manageable number of top-quality candidates.

Customize Onboarding: Strategically using the results of skills tests to identify training needs allows organizations to create tailored onboarding programs that only cover the skills a new hire lacks, which saves time and resources. Creating customized training experiences during onboarding also improves employee engagement and productivity during that critical post-hiring period, and results in a lower turnover rate. 

Defensible Compliance on a Trusted Platform: eSkill has extensive experience developing and administering legally defensible employment tests. eSkill’s skills assessment tests follow the Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures of 1978, which outline standards the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) upholds to determine the legality of employment tests used during the hiring process. eSkill boasts a nearly 20-year record of EEOC compliance without any litigation—the best in the employment testing industry. 

Recruiters and HR departments must adopt processes that streamline the talent pipeline. eSkill provides employers with the services they need to implement a faster, more accurate, and cost-effective candidate screening process.

Interested in Leveraging Skills Tests to Create Optimal Recruitment Processes?

Learn more about the benefits of using eSkill’s expert guidance to configure and deploy skills to find qualified candidates quickly.

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