The coronavirus outbreak has resulted in a huge shift in the way human resources (HR) teams and recruiters operate. A survey of U.S. hiring managers conducted in April 2020 found that 53% of respondents reported an increase in the use of online skills tests. And not surprisingly, 62% reported an increase in the use of video interviews since the start of “stay-at-home” orders.

The heavy reliance on tech tools such as virtual interviewing software began out of necessity when the pandemic put a halt to in-person interviews. Now many call centers are anticipating a rapid influx of employees and need to figure out how to recruit fast, and they are finding they can use the same tools they have been using to streamline their HR processes.

So how do recruiters go from a hiring freeze to a full-throttle hiring spree? Here are some ways to ramp up call center hiring fast.

  1. Use Simulations to Replicate On-the-Job Scenarios

eSkill’s realistic call center simulations transform testing into an immersive experience by replicating a modern call center environment. With recent advances in technology, many calls that were once fielded by call center agents are now handled through different channels. A call to find out when a bill is due, for instance, is often deflected to a self-service medium. This means the calls that do reach live agents are typically more complex and emotionally charged.

Top recruiters have recognized the shift in the types of calls agents most frequently encounter and have modified vetting practices to ensure that only qualified candidates are selected. According to recent research, 52% of companies assess candidates using job simulation tests during the hiring process to predict future performance. By recreating the look and feel of call center jobs, eSkill delivers unparalleled accuracy in predicting candidates’ future job performance.

When used at the beginning of the hiring process, eSkill’s call center skills tests and simulations enable recruiters to quickly and effectively create a short-list of top candidates.

  1. Customize Skills Tests to Find the Right Fit

The most effective call center skills tests are customized to assess the types of skills agents will need to field calls effectively such as attention to detail and patience handling difficult customers. eSkill’s call center skills tests allow hiring teams to evaluate simple data entry abilities and can include more complex scenarios that assess soft skills. Clients can define the complexity and difficulty level of test questions so they can accurately assess candidates for a variety of positions, including Inbound Call Center Agent, Outbound Call Center Agent, Sales Representative, Customer Service Representative, Call Center Supervisor, Quality Assurance Director, and Process Specialist.

By using eSkill Author, recruiters can customize call center skills tests and simulations to evaluate how candidates react in various situations such as from handling complaints from difficult customers in inbound calls to exploring marketing possibilities in outbound calls. eSkill’s dedicated U.S.-based Customer Success Managers assist hiring teams in selecting and configuring call center skills tests and simulations so they can measure key competencies for call center position, including:

  • Problem-Solving and Responding to Customer Needs
  • Developing Customer Rapport
  • Sales Orientation
  • Written and Verbal Communication
  • Identifying Customer Needs
  • Multi-Tasking
  • Ability to Learn and Apply Procedures
  • Keyboard and Navigation Skills

Determining how to recruit faster for call center positions is simpler eSkill’s automated and customizable simulations and skills tests are included in a recruitment process.

  1. Scale Interviewing with One-Way Video Interviews

While tools such as Hangouts, Skype, and Zoom are convenient for video conferencing, they are not designed for conducting interviews effectively. As a result, virtual interviewing solution providers such as eSkill play a vital role in providing recruiters with the tools needed to complete quality interviews that are efficient and enhance the candidate experience. 

It should be no surprise that viewing a set of pre-recorded interviews is significantly faster than conducting the same number of in-person or two-way video conferencing interviews. One-way video interviews offer a concise and on-topic interview, eliminate the need for small talk, and minimize bias. While scheduling multiple candidates to meet in-person with recruiters and hiring teams is a challenge, one-way video interviews integrate seamlessly into any hiring workflow because they can be reviewed anytime and from anywhere.

When used in the first round of interviews, recorded interviews quickly eliminate call center candidates who are unable to communicate clearly and effectively, demonstrate empathy or patience, or exhibit a negative attitude. And while it is easy for a recruiter or hiring manager to get off track during phone or face-to-face interviews, eSkill’s one-way video interviewing software ensures that the same questions are asked in the same order to each candidate. Maintaining consistency during the interview process is crucial to accurately evaluate the best fit for a position. When interviews are consistently administered and scored across all applicants, hiring managers can make data-driven hiring decisions fast.

When deciding how to recruit fast for call center positions, immersive simulations that mimic authentic customer interactions are most effective when tailored to meet the unique requirements of a position. eSkill’s customizable call center skills tests and simulations allow hiring teams to do just that. Similarly, eSkill’s video interviewing software enables recruiters to conduct a consistent, fair, and legally defensible candidate selection process. eSkill’s HR tech tools greatly improve the efficiency of any hiring effort by automating the evaluations of more candidates faster than ever before.

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