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One of the biggest challenges human resources (HR) departments will face is fast recruitment—having to hire a lot of talent in a short time frame. Determining how to hire employees fast without compromising quality can feel challenging, but it is possible with eSkill’s innovative, data-driven skills testing and video interviewing platform.

Here is a look at eight steps in a data-driven approach to increasing talent density rapidly that will not let top talent slip through the cracks.

  1. Assemble a Robust Hiring Team

Any fast recruitment effort starts with assembling a team of professionals who are best suited to make the decision. Recruiters are needed to source and screen candidates. However, it is advantageous to create a diverse hiring team. Employees currently holding a position and other subject matter experts, including supervisors and employees in related fields, will add value to and speed the hiring process.

  1. Define the Skills Needed for Each Position

Once the hiring team is formed, it is time to define the critical skills required of the position. Existing employees who excel in the role can help create an ideal profile for new hires. For example, if you are hiring a lot of customer service representatives, interview and test your existing all-star reps to determine the skills that are needed to do well in that role. Compile all relevant information about the position, including daily tasks, critical technical skills, and relevant soft skills.

  1. Attract the Right Candidates with a Carefully Worded Job Description

Write the job description to reflect the position requirements defined by the hiring team in the previous step. Crafting a carefully worded job description helps attract the right applicants and ultimately leads to better candidates and a faster recruitment process.

  1. Leverage Technology to Vet Candidates Quickly

If you start aggressively sourcing positions, the odds are you will get an avalanche of applicants. While outdated HR systems are not able to quickly vet large numbers of applicants, eSkill’s pre-employment skills tests make it possible to screen applicants quickly and effectively. Just configure eSkill’s tests to match the job description developed by the hiring team and automatically send the test link to applicants.

Skills tests help HR professionals reduce the number of applicants to a more reasonable, viable amount quickly and efficiently. The results of skills tests allow employers to make data-driven decisions fast. Hiring teams can use the results to decide which candidates to move to the next phase of the hiring process.

  1. Automate the Interview Process

Implementing a structured interview process is essential when determining how to hire employees quickly. Research has found that structured interviews—interviews that ask the same questions in the same order and are scored on pre-determined criteria—are a better indicator of future job performance than screening candidates with non-structured interviews. With eSkill’s one-way video interviewing and team scoring software, it is easy to add structured interviews into your hiring process.

For example, for first-round interviews, use eSkill’s one-way video interviews to evaluate candidates. Simply pre-record the interview questions and automatically deploy to applicants who pass the skills test. Candidates then record their responses for the hiring team to review at their convenience on eSkill’s user-friendly dashboard. Hiring teams use a pre-defined set of criteria to score interview responses to ensure consistency. From there, hiring teams can compare candidates’ scores and identify the top-scoring candidates and move them to the next stage of the hiring process.

With a clearly defined scoring guide for interviews, multiple members of the hiring team can score one-way interview responses. Doing so reduces the overall amount of time spent on first-round interviews, which are often the most time-consuming part of the interview process.

  1. Streamline Onboarding

Leverage skills tests results to create streamlined training processes that save time during onboarding. For instance, if a new hire is proficient in all required skills but one, create a customized training program that focuses on the area where training is needed. Reducing the amount of training that is required ramps up the onboarding process, saves time, and creates a more engaging experience for new hires.

  1. Leverage Referrals

People tend to associate with like-minded people. So, if you hire a salesperson, there is a good chance they know other sales professionals they could refer. In fact, research shows that employee-referred candidates move through the screening process faster, tend to perform higher right out of the gate, and typically stay with the company significantly longer than other hires.

  1. Collect Data and Review to Reduce Bottlenecks

The data collected through skills tests and structured one-way video interviews enables companies to streamline hiring efforts.

For example, let’s say a company’s data shows that 90% of candidates who score 85% or above on a skills test pass the first-round interview. The company can opt to automatically advance candidates who earn a score of 85% or above to the second round of interviews, skipping the first-round interviews altogether.

eSkill simplifies data collection throughout the hiring process and enables employers to improve their ability to hire at scale. If fast recruitment is your goal, eSkill’s pre-employment software will enable your hiring team to speed up the candidate selection and onboarding process. And with the time saved, HR departments will have more time to focus on initiatives and activities that help improve employee retention.

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