Everyone wants to save a buck.  We’re always looking for that next best great deal.   Unfortunately too often, despite all the hype surrounding great deals, we find cheaper isn’t always better.  In this article, we will uncover what price bargains really mean in the skills assessment industry, what the most common questions are that people ask before choosing a skills assessment vendor, and why are organizations willing to pay more.

The Hidden Costs of Price Bargains in the Skills Assessment Industry

When choosing a skills assessment provider to help you screen candidates at the beginning of the hiring process, streamline the hiring process or legally defend hiring decisions, the wrong choice can have a dramatic effect on your business.  Unfortunately, purchasing the cheapest  ‘tool’ around may not get you what you need and in the long run, may cost you more money.  Issues you encounter such as poor technical performance, bad user-experience, system slowness, and the need to install extra plug-ins aren’t worth the saving you experience by selecting the cheapest.    The worst part though is the fact that some of these issues will also be encountered by our candidates leading to frustrations and candidates dropping opting out of the hiring process because they don’t want to deal with the hassle.    Your brand is at stake and in these days where talent is difficult to find, can you really afford a mark on your brand? Cheaper isn’t always better…!

With that said, budgets do exist and we all have to fit within them.  However, when you are searching for a provider, don’t go for the cheapest just because it’s….cheaper. Dig deeper.  Make sure you are not going to be paying more in the long run.

Cutting prices is actually a way of hiding the poor quality of the product, offering less service and covering up for failed practices. When a company sells the product cheap, its perceived value in the eyes of the buyer decreases.   In the long run, the hidden insufficiencies of the product will create dissatisfaction with the buyer and ultimately with candidates resulting in lost opportunities for talent.

At eSkill, our team is laser-focused on delivering results for our clients, not the cheapest price.  We do this by focusing on delivering value through our extensive product library, our ability to customize, and our world-class customer service.

The Questions Clients Ask Before Choosing a Skills Assessment Vendor

When organizations are thinking about using a skills assessment provider to help their company make necessary improvements in turnover, ramp up time and many other issues, they want to know about specific things.  They ask about the content, technical features, integration with other HR tools, and customer support. Only at the very end of the decision-making process do they ask about pricing. Being satisfied with the product and service is their first priority. Here are the most common questions they ask:

  1. Does the company offer support in test customization?
  2. Will we have the flexibility to edit tests and add our own content?
  3. Is the platform user-friendly for the test taker?
  4. How large is the content subject library?
  5. Is the pricing affordable and does it reflect the product’s capabilities?

For a complete list, you can download our e-book What You Need to Know When Evaluating Skills Assessment Vendors.

Customer Service is the critical indicator that leads to more value

In a recent study done by Sage, a global SaaS accounting provider, some interesting facts were revealed about the value of customer service.

  • 86% of clients will pay more for great customer service
  • 40% of clients will buy more when they receive great customer service
  • Excellent customer service will over time generate more loyal customers, which are worth up to 10X the amount they initially spend

At eSkill we focus on the customer experience.  As an assessment provider – we strive to be your “easy” button.  We listen so we can best understand your needs and we always remind ourselves why you became a customer in the first place.  We take strides to improve our platform, always keeping our customers in mind.  When we do make changes, making the change EASY for the customer is our goal. Our Client Success Managers are dedicated to ensuring we do the heavy lifting and our clients are successful.  How much is that worth to you?

”The customer service was a very large part of why we switched to eSkill. 

 From the time we first talked with Kevin Renner, we felt like we mattered. 

We are a small company and we very much appreciate that specialized customer service. 

All of the people we have dealt with at eSkill make us feel like we are familiar to them. 

They recognize who we are and treat as a valued customer.

Janet Bryan, District Manager, Universal Staffing, Inc.


At eSkill, we created a product that meets the most important needs of an HR department, but most of all we invest in creating added value with our team of professional customer managers. By using eSkill as their skills assessment provider, high-profile clients, such as Coca-Cola, Zappos, ADP, Orvis, Paychex, and Randstad reduced the costs of their evaluations by 75% and the time spent on the process by 60%. These results are worth the money they invested.

Do not forget that saving money is fine on certain things, but don’t skimp on the important stuff. Research extensively any product or service you are considering for your company. Find out from others who have used the product or service whether they were happy with it. Was it worth the money they paid or did they get exactly what they paid for? And if you’d like more information about skills testing with eSkill, you can contact us for a consultation and a live demo.


Adina Miron

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