Top Communication Skills Tests for Healthcare Hiring

Effective communication is critical to patient safety. Both patient–professional communication and communication amongst healthcare teams are fundamental skills in medical practice. Most healthcare professionals know that effective communication is key to mitigating patient risks. Yet, miscommunication continues to plague the healthcare industry. In a 2018 report, communication failures, either between providers and patients or amongst […]

Why Basic Computer Skills Tests are Used in Hiring

In this fast-paced digital world, basic computer skills have almost become synonymous with basic life skills. Practically every business requires employees to have some level of computer knowledge—from word processing to basic point-of-sale systems at retail stores. Even warehouse workers use portable computer devices to check inventory. Today’s technologies require companies to employ staff who […]

Basic Manufacturing Skills Tests for Hiring & Training

A record 522,000 positions remained unfilled in the manufacturing industry in September. In a recent report, The Manufacturing Institute and Deloitte estimated 7 million jobs in the manufacturing sector will need to be filled over the next decade. To address the shortage of skilled workers, the National Association of Manufacturers, in conjunction with the current […]

Use Medical Coding Tests for Employment to Make Better Hires

In October 2019, the U.S. unemployment rate in the healthcare industry was at a staggering 2.1% with job growth in the sector predicted to climb for the foreseeable future. The medical coding and billing profession alone is expected to grow 11% through 2028, much faster than the average rate of 5% for all occupations, according […]

Best Skills Tests for Hiring Medical Assistants

Medical assisting has emerged as the fastest-growing career in healthcare. Employment amongst medical assistants in the U.S. is expected to grow by a staggering 23% through 2028, far outpacing the 5% growth rate for all occupations, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. That is an anticipated addition of nearly 150,000 medical assistant positions in […]

Skills Needed for Customer Service Staff

An obsession with customer experience is becoming a strong competitive advantage for many businesses, while the lack of it could be fatal. The trend is warranted, according to Microsoft’s 2018 State of Global Customer Service Report, 56% of customers reported having higher expectations for customer service now than they did the previous year and this […]

Team Interview Questions with Team Scoring

If you are active in the talent acquisition space, you are well aware of the shift from traditional hiring practices to modern solutions. One modern solution—collaborative hiring—is quickly becoming common practice in top organizations. Touted by Steve Jobs as the best way to hire top talent, collaborative hiring has quickly transformed from an emerging trend […]

How to Use Skills Testing for Hospitality Managers

In an industry dependent on delivering flawless customer service, you know your people can be your brand’s most valuable asset. But providing outstanding customer service is difficult today. You face obstacles because of the incredible talent shortage facing the hospitality industry. Utilizing skills tests, hiring managers can identify talent with the personality traits and skills […]

How Team Scoring with eSkill Job Skills Tests Improve Hiring

Hiring in today’s tight job market can be overwhelming. Many employers are struggling to fill open job positions. Often the candidates applying don’t even possess the needed skills. 75% of employers surveyed reported hiring difficulty due to a shortage of candidates with the skills required for job openings, according to the Society of Human Resources […]

How Skills Testing for Hospitality Ensures Better Hires

While talent gaps in the travel and hospitality are not new, the magnitude of the current shortage is unprecedented. In the United States, at the height of the Great Recession, there were roughly 353,000 open positions in hospitality, according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics. As of July 2019, with the travel industry surging […]

The “Backlash” Against AI in Recruiting

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are transforming the way many organizations do business. Companies are using AI-enhanced Chatbots to respond more quickly to customer queries.  E-Commerce sites are using AI for recommendation engines, dynamic pricing, and predictive analysis.  More than 111 million Americans use intelligent voice assistants monthly.  Artificial Intelligence, it seems, is […]

Group Interview Ideas for Employers

Hiring successful candidates can feel like a challenging process. Not only do you need to find a candidate with the necessary skills and drive, but you also need someone who can seamlessly fit in with your team. With the U.S. unemployment rate remaining at historic lows—dropping to 3.5% in September 2019, an unprecedented 50-year low—the […]
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