Top Skills Tests for the IT Industry

Having the right skills is crucial to landing a job in the highly competitive and rapidly moving technology industry. Because of fierce competition within the tech market, candidates can’t merely skate by on skills from yesteryear (not if they expect high salaries and advancement within the industry). Today, employers seek candidates with highly specialized tech […]

The Next Big Thing in Employee Training

According to the World Economic Forum‘s recent future jobs report, by 2022, over half of our global workforce will require re-skilling or upskilling.  With artificial intelligence and automation impacting our daily lives—at both home and work—organizations find themselves at this threshold of disruption. Within the next ten years, 47% of our jobs will be gone, […]

Your eSkill CSM Turned Blogger: Focus on What Matters

Valued Clients, This month’s blog worked out perfectly as the first Friday of the month was November 1st. For some, today marks Christmas Eve. For others, the anxiety of spending time with the family on Thanksgiving is starting to sink in. I am not a Christmas enthusiast by any means, but my birthday IS in […]

Top Five IT Pre-Employment Assessments

Vetting potential employees is not an easy task for IT departments. The standard interview process that has worked for decades is no longer enough to find quality staff for tech positions. The root cause, a persistent tech talent gap that is alive and well. As a result, identifying candidates with the necessary skill set, rather […]

The Top Skills Tests Used by Staffing Agencies

Because the labor market is tight and unemployment is at its lowest in twenty years, it is essential for staffing agencies to attract as many of the right candidate placements as possible. Over-screening irrelevant or generalized skills can be a deterrent to candidates, causing agencies to lose out on qualified applicants. Therefore, assessments used to […]

How to Use Behavioral Assessment Tests for Employment

Hiring a new employee can feel like a roll of the dice. A candidate can look great on paper and in an interview, but a recruiter or hiring manager will only really know if the candidate is a good fit for a position once they begin work. To gain a better understanding of job seekers’ […]

The Top Hiring Assessment Company Trusted by Staffing Firms

Currently, the staffing market is exceptionally competitive. Per the American Staffing Association (ASA), there are about 20,000 staffing and recruiting companies in the U.S. alone, which altogether operate around 39,000 offices. The ASA and CareerBuilder’s 2018 Staffing Buyer Study found that one-third of the companies surveyed using staffing firms reported switching primary firms during the […]

How to Increase Hiring Success with Behavioral Style Assessments

Hiring highly qualified candidates is always a challenge for employers, but it is particularly challenging now due to the historically low unemployment rates in the United States. Merely relying on the review of candidates’ educational background, employment history, and references, as well as an interview, is not enough to know if they are the right […]

How Staffing Firms Increase Placement Rates with Assessment Tests

Today, the job market is competitive, and the pace of business is accelerating. Because of this, many companies turn to staffing agencies to help them find the right employees quickly. Employers engage staffing agencies to find full-time, part-time, temporary, or contract employees. Staffing agencies range from general placements, covering numerous types of jobs across multiple […]

Your eSkill CSM Turned Blogger: Dare to b(B?)e Bold

Valued Clients, Well this would have gone out on time last Friday, but two jack-wagons felt like they needed to break into my car at lunch. So, I spent all Friday afternoon fixing a broken window instead of sending out a blog! Nothing was stolen so joke is on them, but it was a pain […]

Pre-Employment Behavioral Assessment Case Studies

Behavioral assessments allow companies to gain insight into how candidates work, communicate, and think. Specifically, pre-employment behavioral assessments identify a candidate’s psychological traits, allowing hiring managers to better determine if that candidate would be successful in the role and the organization. Combined with skills tests, behavioral assessments can help employers pre-screen candidates before the first […]

Top Five Pre-Employment Assessments Used by Staffing Firms

A recent report by Global Recruitment Insight & Data found that 72% of staffing professionals identified skill shortages in today’s tight talent pool to be the top challenge their staffing firm is currently facing. With the nation’s unemployment rate at a twenty-year low, it is critical for staffing agencies to look beyond candidates’ employment history […]
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