How to Leverage Sales Manager Assessment Tests to Make Better Hires

If you are like most business leaders, you invest heavily in your sales force. If you add up all of the money you spend on recruiting, training, and incentives, you might be alarmed at the size of your investment in this sector of improved revenue performance. However, there is one key lever in every salesforce […]

Use Cashiers Skills Tests to Make Sure You Have the Right Employees

In this digital day and age, full of e-commerce mega-companies, brick-and-mortar retail businesses must adapt quickly to keep their footing. The distinguishing characteristic that genuinely adds value to a high street retail business is its employees. Employees are often the reason customers prefer shopping at your store rather than enjoying the ease of buying online. […]

What Are the Types of Pre-Employment Screening Tests Available

For businesses to thrive in today’s economy, finding and recruiting the best employees possible is critical. To improve hiring success, top-performing companies worldwide are turning to pre-employment screening tests. The use of hiring assessment tests reduces turnover, which has a negative impact on employee morale, productivity, and company revenue. A study by the Center for […]

Retail Sales Manager Pre-employment Assessments Improve Hiring

Turnover is dangerously high in sales roles throughout the retail industry, costing U.S. companies millions per year. Retail sales managers can either make or break their team. When it comes to employees either staying at or leaving their jobs, their manager is often the deciding factor. One Gallup poll showed that one out of every […]

How Do Behavioral Assessments Work with Skills Tests

Hiring can often feel like a guessing game, especially if a resume and interview are the only clues you have to determine a candidate’s fit for a position. Pre-employment assessments are becoming commonplace in the world of hiring, easing the burden of filtering through stacks of resumes. A 2017 study by Aberdeen found that 85% […]

What Do Pre-Employment Assessments Measure?

Determining the candidate that will be the ideal fit for your organization for years to come is an arduous task when you have only a resume and interview to review. Pre-employment assessments are a hiring tool that can give you additional insight into candidates’ abilities and aptitude. The skills and characteristics that are measured vary […]

How Retail Pre-Employment Sales Tests Can Improve Your Hiring Process

In an industry with a reality of a high turnover rate, as much as 60% annually according to the National Retail Federation, it is essential to safeguard your company from the costly effects of a poorly judged hire. The retail industry’s high turnover rate, coupled with nearly 15.8 million employed retail workers in the United […]

AtWork Uses eSkill’s Pre-Employment Assessments to Streamline Hiring

About AtWork With more than 25 years leading the staffing industry, Staffing Industry Analysts named AtWork Group one of the Top U.S. staffing firms. AtWork offers a comprehensive training program for new franchise owners that covers subjects important for business success, with a strong focus on hiring and management of AtWork personnel. The Challenge Before […]
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