It’s that time of the year again – time to start reviewing how the year went and what you’d like to do differently next year. One way to think about this is in the form of resolutions, like when you resolve to lose those 10 pounds you gained this year. To help you get started on this, here are some HR resolutions that may be applicable to your situation.

Resolution # 1

I resolve to improve the health of our employees by implementing a wellness program with incentives for incorporating more exercise and movement into their day. “Sitting is the new smoking”, according to Dr. James Levine at the Mayo Clinic. And one of the cures for it is creating a program that gets people up during the day, for walks during lunch hours, walking meetings instead of sitting in conference rooms, and online programs that encourage moving for a brief moment every hour. These programs introduce “gamification” into wellness, thus making it fun and improving participation.

Resolution # 2

I resolve to change our performance appraisal process from a once-a-year event that everyone hates to an ongoing process that involves shorter, interactive, and constructive discussions between managers and employees. I will train our managers to understand that the work will improve if they focus on more frequent, shorter feedback sessions that make it a two-way street.

Resolution # 3

I resolve to stop being afraid of social media. Social media is nothing more than a new communication tool that can be used very effectively to find new employees, interact with current employees, and develop a “brand” for HR and for the company. Sure, it can be misused – but much of that can be avoided by having a good understanding of its benefits.

Resolution # 4

I resolve to quit avoiding numbers “because I am not good at math”. Analytics can be very helpful, and they can be utilized even in situations that don’t involve “big data”. There’s a wealth of data out there that can help you be aware of trends if you just look for it, and improving the use of technology in HR can be a tremendous help.

Resolution # 5

I resolve to make the heads of marketing and IT my best friends. Today, HR has to be approached from a marketing point of view. How to best reach the multiple constituents of HR, both within and outside of the company, is a major question to ask. And marketing can help with the answer. Additionally, the IT department is important because of the technology needed to run HR. I plan on going out to lunch with my company’s marketing and IT heads on a regular basis this year.

Resolution # 6

I resolve to continually work to improve the skills and knowledge of everyone in the HR department. I will set up a continuing education process, and make resources available to everyone to help us all keep up to date on both HR and the business our company is in. I want everyone in HR to be among the most knowledgeable people in the company.

Resolution # 7

I resolve to start looking at the future and anticipating how my company and industry may change so that I can be better prepared to deal with the changes when they come. I resolve to spend at least two hours a week reading up on “futurist” topics dealing with HR and my industry.

These are just some of the resolutions you could make. As with all resolutions, you have to put the effort into actually making them happen; otherwise, you’ll see the “gym phenomenon”, where the gym is filled in January, less so in February, and by March it’s back to just the regulars. Keep working on these resolutions in order to make them habits. If you can do that, you will have a much more successful year in 2015.

Andreea Hrab

International HR Director for OSF Global Services, Andreea is a veteran recruiter who has seen them all. She developed HR recruiting strategies and retention programs that guarantees the success of the company. She is a people person and she handles very easy new relationships with new employees, but her most interesting challenge is to find the middle way between company’s best interests and employee’s needs. To learn more about Andreea contact her on LinkedIn.


  • Avatar Holli Evans says:

    These are really good suggestions! My resolution for the new year is to improve the hiring processes of my company. I find it essential to increase the value of new hires because they are vital components of company outcomes. To make this year better than the last, I’ve already provided screening tools and pre-employment assessments for our HR department. I’m looking forward to a new, productive HR year.

  • Avatar Nicole Dune says:

    My goal for 2015 is to encourage collaboration between higher education and HR in order to meet our ongoing training needs and to produce innovative and creative candidates. The gap between higher education and business needs to be minimized in order to meet the needs of the global community.

  • Avatar Alan Drakes says:

    My main goal is to reduce costs and increase productivity by implementing effective talent management solutions, reaping the benefits of hiring the long-term unemployed and promoting mental health in the workplace.

  • Avatar Meg Smith says:

    Over time I have noticed that business leaders are too busy running their companies to pay any attention to building relationships with their employees, customers, or vendors. I would like to implement the concept of being thoughtful and showing appreciation to those who are working for the benefit of the business.

  • Avatar Jim Hungers says:

    I would like to add one more important resolution. Take a look at your company policies and procedures, and review them on an annual basis. Make sure your policies are in accord with recent changes in the law while still representing your company’s actual procedures. I find it important that formal business policies reflect informal business practices. You should take a look at this too!

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