The COVID-19 health crisis has accelerated digital transformation and at least temporarily forced most personnel of state and local governments to pivot to working remotely. With employees no longer working in the office, the need for online hiring solutions has never been greater. As a result, human resources (HR) professionals from the public sector have quickly realized the benefits of using online pre-employment testing to hire top-quality administrative staff.

eSkill’s suite of pre-employment testing solutions offers talent acquisition professionals the cutting-edge tools they need to make data-driven hiring decisions efficiently and effectively.

Uncovering Core Competencies

To accurately assess candidates’ potential, organizations must directly align employment assessment tests with the core competencies of specific roles. This means HR professionals must first identify the specific skills and aptitude required of a position by conducting a job analysis. A job analysis is a clear, focused, and detailed process designed to uncover the specific skills, knowledge, and aptitude needed to succeed in a role.

To conduct a thorough job analysis, hiring teams must first identify the responsibilities of a position by:

  • Interviewing existing employees in the role
  • Reviewing performance standards and job descriptions
  • Observing employees in the position
  • Consulting with subject-matter experts

Once the data gathering phase of the job analysis is complete, HR professionals detail the skills, knowledge, and aptitude that are needed to fulfill the essential responsibilities of the role.

While this portion of selecting an employment assessment test may seem overwhelming, eSkill assigns every client a dedicated U.S.-based Client Success Manager who provides unlimited support and training. So selecting and creating valid and reliable employment assessment tests is easy.

Verifying and Quantifying Job-Relevant Skills

After determining the core competencies required in a role, hiring teams can select and customize a job-relevant employment assessment test. eSkill’s extensive library of customizable administrative skills tests enables organizations to create valid assessments for a wide range of positions.

eSkill offers over a thousand comprehensive “off-the-shelf” job-specific tests, as well as single-subject skills tests. So, hiring teams can either select and customize a pre-made test or combine questions from multiple single-subject tests to create a unique test.

eSkill’s top job-specific administrative skills tests for government roles include:

  • General office management skills tests: Deputy City Clerk, Administrative Coordinator, Office Manager, Administrative Assistant, Virtual Administrative Assistant, Data Control Clerk, Front Desk Clerk, and Executive Assistant
  • Skills Tests for HR positions: Human Resources Administrator, Human Resources Administrative Assistant, Senior Payroll Processing, and Payroll Clerk
  • Skills Tests for accounting roles: Accounting Administrator, General Ledger Accountant, Accounting Clerk, and Billing Coordinator 

eSkill’s top single-subject administrative skills tests for government roles include:

  • Abilities and aptitude tests: Attention to Detail, Data Checking, Multitasking Simulation, Numerical Proofreading, Office Filing Technical Writing, Time Management, and Videoconferencing
  • Accounting and financial skills tests: Accounting and Bookkeeping Principles, Accounts Payable Skills, Accounts Receivable, Financial Statement, Intuit QuickBooks (multiple versions), and Financial Accounting
  • Language and communication skills tests: Business Communication, English Language Fluency Test, Advanced Spelling and Grammar, and Basic Spelling and Grammar
  • Management skills tests: Leadership, Management, Change Management, Business Etiquette, and Team Management
  • Digital literacy skills tests: MS Office Tests and Simulations, Google Apps, Internet Browser (Firefox, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer), Basic Computer Knowledge for Windows, Basic Digital and Digital Literacy Simulations 

eSkill also offers a wide selection of typing and data entry skills tests, including Financial Typing, 10-Key Data Entry, Contact Information Data Entry, and General Typing. They are available in both short and long versions. So, hiring teams can use them to measure candidates’ speed and accuracy when typing and entering data.

By leveraging job-relevant skills, organizations can make hiring decisions based on data-driven insights rather than subjective criteria. With the most extensive library of customizable employment assessment tests in the industry, eSkill makes it possible to quickly and accurately configure pre-employment tests that measure any administrative position’s core competencies.

Maintaining Legal Compliance

Developing skills testing processes that meet legal and regulatory criteria and professional standards should not be taken lightly. Government organizations must follow the Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures (1978) when using employment assessment tests. Selecting and customizing tests that assess positions’ core competencies is critical to comply with employment testing laws and guidelines.

Legal concerns should not prevent organizations from using pre-employment testing. When used consistently and fairly, job-relevant tests are more legally compliant than not using any employment assessment test. With an expert staff ready to support and train hiring teams, eSkill makes test selection and administration worry-free and straightforward. In fact, eSkill has the best compliance record in the assessment industry, with nearly 20 years free of litigation.

eSkill’s user-friendly platform makes it easy for organizations to obtain quantifiable data that are needed to make informed and strategic hiring decisions.

Interested in Using Pre Employment Testing to Hire Better Administrative Staff?

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