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The Human Resources department is an indispensable cog in any company’s engine. It is a unit that deals with every single employee on a consistent basis, listening to employees’ needs, drafting policies, and improving the workplace. As such, the Human Resources team needs to be a strong, cohesive unit that works together to ensure healthy and happy work conditions, as well as boost employee morale.

To strengthen your HR department, it’s useful to keep in mind a few things. Remember that you also once held a junior position when assigning tasks and offering opportunities to your junior employees. Maintain open communication with your team about the department’s direction and priorities, always encouraging new ideas and ways to make things run more smoothly. Finally, give praise when praise is due. Impart confidence in your team by expressing your satisfaction with their performance. This will help them want to continue to meet your expectations.

While keeping this in mind, here some more specific strategies that can help you turn your HR department into a well-oiled machine:

  • Regardless of their level—from entry level to senior staff—trust your employees and set high expectations for them.
  • Brainstorm often, and encourage your team to provide feedback. This reinforces your interest in their ideas, and helps you move forward.
  • Rather than being bossy, opt for being a more supportive manager, so that your employees feel comfortable coming to you about anything that may be on their minds.
  • Own up to your mistakes. This shows your team members that anybody can make mistakes—even the manager—and the important thing is to recognize them and work actively to resolve them.
  • Encourage your team members to openly communicate with one another and learn from each other. Your whole team will soon realize each individual’s expertise and work together better by taking advantage of it.
  • Finally, remember your employees have lives outside of the HR department and be respectful of them. Help them find a good work-life balance by being more understanding of their needs outside of work.

For more tips on how to improve how your department runs, download the white paper “’>How to Turn Your HR Department Into a Well-Oiled Machine”. Remember to count on your team and they won’t let you down!

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  • Ryan Phelps says:

    Having a strong HR department sure is nice. Knowing that everybody knows what to do, knowing that you can rely on every one of them, it’s a nice feeling as an HR manager. Wish I can say the same about my department, but we just had a surge of interns that are all running around like headless chickens. The bad part is that I see it takes a long time to turn them into a decent HR employee. Were we the same back in the days? I’m sure we were :).

  • Freddy says:

    I’m not yet one to give advice, but I can tell you that when I first started, our HR manager was really supportive. He was always there when I needed her, and always had an advice ready. She was daily giving me very specific tasks, that didn’t make much sense to me back then. But it was just like with Karate Kid. Wipe on, wipe off turned out to be the best kind of training I had on the job. Everything just fell into pieces as soon as I had my real first HR task.

    Thank you, Patty!

  • Darkie Thabologo says:

    …at first it was really tough for me dealing with employees,never thought will once head HR office ..but there i am. Really appreciate my previous HR manager(Thembisile Gaetwesepe) for the effort she made training & guiding me on how to be Good HR rep..

  • Gloria says:

    I have a question, as a new hr manager, how do u cope with snitches in an office setting. Employees who are back stabbers.

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