03 ESkill How To Evaluate Pre Employment Skills Assessment Test Providers

How would you like to reduce the time it takes to hire, reduce the cost of hiring, and improve your odds of hiring someone who is a good fit for your organizational culture?

Companies working with eSkill reduce the cost of hiring. eSkill Pre-Employment Assessment Testing reduces the cost of evaluations by 70% for an average savings of $600 per candidate. Organizations utilizing eSkill’s Pre-Employment Assessment Testing as part of their screening process also reduce the time to hire by 60%.

If you are looking to do business with a pre-employment assessment testing provider, we think you will find eSkill has everything you need. However, no need to just take our word for it. When evaluating pre-employment assessment testing companies, here are some of the key things you need to know.

Choosing the Best Pre-Employment Assessment Testing Company

When choosing a pre-employment assessment test provider, these eight questions can help you determine if they are the right fit for your business.

  1. Do they provide a library of pre-built skills tests?
  2. Is it possible to customize skills testing assessments?
  3. Are on-demand (asynchronous) video interviews available?
  4. Can we use simulations and scenarios to evaluate responses?
  5. Do they provide behavioral skills testing to evaluate job fit?
  6. Can they do group interviews or group scoring?
  7. Can you integrate with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) or Learning Management Systems (LMS)?
  8. Do they have a perfect compliance and legal challenge record?

Download our Buyer’s Guide, What You Need to Know About Talent Assessment Platforms, and use the checklist to choose the solutions that best meet your needs.

eSkill was built to say yes to every one of these questions to make your skills test process as comprehensive as possible. You can use one of our thousands of pre-built Skills Tests based on subject matter or job, including skills testing that validates proficiency at different levels. Each of our tests has been validated by industry experts. You can combine modules in nearly infinite combinations and customize any skills test as much (or as little) as you want.

Asynchronous video interviews can reveal insight into a candidate’s verbal communication skills. eSkill allows you to record responses and share them with other team members and hiring managers. Simulations can put candidates to the test with real-life scenarios.

Behavioral skills testing provides insights into how a candidate works, communicates and thinks. It can also help you understand motivation so you can predict how successful they will be in the job. Most importantly, it helps assess job fit.

Sharing and group scoring allow hiring teams to assess candidates. Filtering and sorting tools allow you to quickly surface the top performers.

eSkill also integrates with ATS and LMS systems such as Oracle, iCIMS, SmartRecruiters, Bullhorn, and NeoGov to make it easy for you to manage your hiring process from your preferred platform.

One significant benefit of using pre-employment assessment testing is to get a comparative — but objective — assessment of candidates’ skills.

Legal challenges can be disruptive and expensive, so you want to work with a company like eSkill that has a perfect compliance and legal challenge record to avoid problems. Working with eSkill you can make sure you follow EEOC standards for hiring.

The Best Pre-Employment Assessment Testing Solutions Include These Features

Before working with any pre-employment assessment test company, make sure their solution offers these features:

  1. An in-depth library of pre-employment assessment tests to measure competency, including the ability to create customized testing and advanced simulations.
  2. Simulations that allow you to replicate job tasks and your work environment so you can see how candidates will perform if hired.
  3. Voice and video interviewing so candidates can respond to interview questions on their own time and you can more efficiently see how they present themselves.
  4. Behavioral assessments to understand the psychological and behavioral traits necessary for job fit.

More than half of recruiting professionals say their biggest challenge is improving the quality of hire. Roughly a quarter of human resources (HR) professionals surveyed said increasing employee retention and improving their time to hire were also top concerns. Pre-employment assessment testing helps with all of those.

With eSkill, you can find candidates who have the skills they need to succeed on the job and are more likely to be a good fit for your organizational culture. Contact eSkill to request a demo.

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