More and more companies are realizing the benefits of using pre-employment screening tests to compare candidates’ critical competencies. However, some pre-employment testing companies do not offer all the tools necessary to create a streamlined approach to finding the best match for the job and the organization.

Do you want to improve your existing pre-employment testing process, or are you new to pre-employment screening tests and evaluating providers? Either way, you must look for these four key features when selecting a pre-employment testing provider.

  1. Remote Hiring Capabilities

In today’s “new normal,” you need a pre-employment testing provider that offers solutions that enable remote hiring. While most providers give employers the option to test candidates remotely, it is important to find a pre-employment testing company that offers a solution you can use to implement an entirely remote hiring process that works for both applicants and hiring teams.

eSkill, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) pre-employment testing company, offers a robust assessment suite complete with an employer dashboard that is accessible anytime and from anywhere. With eSkill, creating a completely remote hiring process is simple, and gives hiring teams and recruiters a competitive advantage in the modern talent marketplace.

  1. Video Interviewing

In addition to pre-employment screening tests that gauge skills, cognitive abilities, and behavioral fit, top pre-employment testing companies facilitate on-demand video interviews. On-demand or asynchronous video interviews improve efficiencies, as candidates simply record responses to a set of predetermined interview questions that can be viewed anytime and from anywhere by employers and staffing companies.

eSkill’s on-demand video interviewing solution includes innovative features that further streamline the interviewing process. For example, eSkill’s Team Scoring feature enables administrators to select any number of individuals to view, evaluate, and share candidates’ on-demand interview responses. With eSkill’s Team Scoring feature and standardized scorecards, hiring teams can evaluate on-demand video interviews quickly and consistently, which reduces bias and improves results.

  1. Test Customization

Using a pre-employment test that evaluates the unique requirements of a position is more legally defensible than not using a pre-employment test at all. However, giving employers the ability to customize pre-employment screening tests that evaluate the specific requirements of positions within their organization is where most pre-employment testing companies fall flat.

Some pre-employment testing companies give employers very limited test customization options, while others do not allow for any degree of customization. eSkill, on the other hand, gives hiring teams and recruiters the ability to select and tailor pre-employment screening tests that evaluate the exact skills needed for any position. 

eSkill’s customization options include:

  • Test merging. Easily create a comprehensive evaluation by combining multiple tests from eSkill’s vast library of subject-based, job-based, and modular subject tests into a single assessment.
  • Question editing. Add, remove, bulk upload, or edit questions on any of eSkill’s “off-the-shelf” tests to match a position’s requirements.
  • Difficulty level selection. Assess job-seekers against the skills required for positions at every experience level. Simply choose from beginner, intermediate, advanced, or expert skill levels when generating custom pre-employment screening tests.
  • Time limit enforcement. Set time limits for entire tests or individual questions.
  • Unique instructions. Add custom instructions to pre-employment screening tests or for individual questions.
  • Score-based progression. With eSkill’s Test Editor, employers can automatically choose to progress or redirect candidates based on predetermined test scores.

With over 800 standard tests, more than 600 modular subjects, thousands of sub-topics, and endless individual questions, eSkill’s massive Test Library makes it easy to customize a pre-employment screening test for any position.

From software engineer to sales associate, medical coder, and more, eSkill makes it possible for employers to administer validated and reliable assessments that are legally defensible. In fact, eSkill has the best record in the pre-employment testing industry with 16-year of Equal Employment Opportunity Commission compliance, free of any litigation.

  1. Platform Integration

eSkill’s product suite integrates with all major Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and Learning Management Systems (LMS) to make your recruiting and hiring process more efficient and effective. Oracle, iCIMS, Acuity Cloud Solutions, OutMatch, PageUp, SmartRecruiters, and Greenhouse are just a few of our human resources (HR) system integration partners.

When eSkill integrates with your HR tech stack, you can easily do the following through your existing system:

  • Select, configure, and customize employment assessments
  • View and analyze test results, including results from individuals’ testing history
  • Rank test-takers according to skill level
  • Auto-progress and redirect candidates based on test scores
  • Brand tests and related content with your company’s logo and preferred color scheme
  • Automate testing communications, including sending email invitations to new applicants

According to Talent Board’s research, the candidate experience improves when employers regularly communicate with job-seekers throughout the hiring process. With streamlined integrations, communication with candidates improves and makes the hiring process a better experience for hiring teams, recruiters, and candidates.

Optimize your HR tech stack with eSkill’s suite of pre-employment testing solutions that work with, not against, your existing HR systems. By selecting eSkill as your pre-employment testing company, you will save time previously spent toggling between multiple HR systems and effortlessly keep applicants engaged while improving the overall quality of hire.

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