Welcome to The Carnival of HR! We have a lovely line-up of articles that cover a great deal of what it means to be part of the HR universe, and some of the most common challenges an HR professional has to overcome.

Stop the Just a’s !!—It’s a great piece by Steve Browne that deals with a very stringent attitude problem that some HR professionals have to deal with: the futility of being in HR. It’s time to stop saying “I’m just an HR professional,” and realize that what we do is very important and not at all futile. Lift up your chin! We’re in HR!

Quote: “HR pros need to quit saying, and acting, that we’re “just” in HR!!  Seriously. There is no other position, or field, that is so critical of itself.  We continue to belittle what we do and it makes absolutely no sense.”

The People-Profit Chain™: A Model to Increase Market Performance By Up to 3x, by Kevin Martin, not only explains how you can improve productivity through better HR practices, but also offers some great advice on how to build up your business to be more successful. And we all know that sharing your goals and business strategy with your employees will drive productivity sky high.

Quote: “Clearly, the ultimate outcome—high market performance—is directly affected by satisfied and loyal customers who become so through the delivery of products, services, and experiences that best meet their needs.”

Repositioning HR to Reflect Organizational Change, by Ian Welsh, talks about the changes HR can effect when the company’s leadership decides it’s time to take a new approach. How to handle it when the CEO hints of his displeasure about the way things have been going, plus some great ideas on how to get a new HR strategy up and running in no time, are just a few things this great article covers.

Quote: “Unless we can truly understand how our HR team are thinking and know how we view ourselves, it is difficult to match against any external measures or perceptions.”

Be Afraid: Employee Layoff Fears At the Lowest Level in Five Years, by Melissa Fairman, talks about how with the future not as bleak as it’s been during the last few years, retention numbers might drop if you don’t pay attention to your top performers. Employees are less worried about being let go, and are more confident that if they are indeed fired, they’ll be able to find a new job in the following six months.

Quote: “Although the economy remains shaky, there are definite signs of a slow recovery taking place and that means the people you’ve been overworking and underpaying are polishing their resumes.”

Do You Require Life Skills For Personal and Professional Life?, by Amit Bhageria, is a great read for anyone who’s tried to put his or her finger on what it actually takes to be a good leader—both at work and at home. Could you pass a leadership skills test created for any leader out there that would allow you to make a non-biased assessment based on real numbers? What are you waiting for? Start reading!

Quote: “These skills are essential for happiness and prosperity. You want your life to be peaceful and rich. Rich in terms of both money and happiness. These skills help you grow in your career and your personal life.”

Andreea Hrab

International HR Director for OSF Global Services, Andreea is a veteran recruiter who has seen them all. She developed HR recruiting strategies and retention programs that guarantees the success of the company. She is a people person and she handles very easy new relationships with new employees, but her most interesting challenge is to find the middle way between company’s best interests and employee’s needs. To learn more about Andreea contact her on LinkedIn.


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