Hard Skills vs. Soft Skills

  Understanding the Difference Between Hard Skills & Soft Skills in Pre-Employment Testing I remember my first encounter with pre-employment testing. I was terrified and sweating bullets. Having just taken the GMAT, I did not know what to expect, and no one bothered to tell me how, what, or even why I was taking the […]

How to Handle Job Stress

While some amount of stress – such as having a schedule with deliverable dates – can help in workplace productivity, too much stress can have the opposite effect, making workers less productive, and even leading to depression and other health issues. Workers who are stressed are less committed to their jobs and have more absences […]

Building a Pipeline is More than a Pipe Dream

“Pipe dreams” refer to the visual hallucinations that occur after smoking a pipe full of opium. Despite the term’s origins, today, people refer to a pipe dream as an impossible goal. For many a recruiter with a bare pipeline, finding the tricks to keeping it full and flush may seem like a pipe dream. Fear […]

How to Create Outstanding Customer Service

A lot of companies claim to be customer focused today. But what does that really mean? It entails going beyond the standard “the customer is always right” mentality, in order to exceed customer expectations. Being customer-focused today depends on providing outstanding customer service. While a satisfied customer may return, he or she may also go […]

Candidates with Klout Score Under 35 Need Not Apply

Pre-Employment Assessments Offer Companies Hiring Social Media Managers an Alternative to Klout. Hiring is hard. It’s even harder when recruiting and interviewing for positions requiring skill sets and qualifications unfamiliar to the hiring manager. This is especially true with positions that elicit lots of response, such as a social media or community manager. A job […]

Finding the Perfect Job Candidate

Think interviews are the best way to find the perfect candidate? Think again. Studies have shown that personal bias in the interview process can lead to bad hiring decisions, and that objective evaluations of ability are a much stronger indicator of hiring success. In a study conducted at the University of Michigan, way back in […]

The Generation Divide in Workplace Communication We Face as Managers

With four generations active in the workforce, communicating effectively with each individual in his or her preferred style is one of a manager’s many challenges. We’ll take a look at each generation’s preferred method, and how to develop a communication strategy to satisfy each employee in his or her own unique way. The oldest generation […]

Five Essential Qualities to Look for in Customer-Facing Employees

The customer-facing position is the most critical role in the service environment. Currently, about 27% of jobs, from retail to restaurant, fall into this category. As a hiring manager, you know that turnover can be high in these positions and employee morale can be low. To keep good candidates from leaving your workplace, it’s important […]

Nonverbal Communication at Job Interviews

When you are interviewing a candidate for a job, the most important factor to consider maybe something you may have never even thought about: nonverbal communication. When people communicate, they are constantly sending out information, using body language, such as posture and gestures, as well as their tone of voice and facial expressions. These signals […]
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