Best Practices for Hiring Top Talent

Did you know that even a single vacancy can cost your business $500 a day or more in lost productivity? However, that does not mean that you should rush out and hire the first applicant that meets the minimum job requirements, as this can be just as detrimental to your company. A bad hire can […]

Hire Better DevOps Engineers with Skills Tests

Over the past five years, the demand for DevOps engineers has soared by approximately 40-45%. As more organizations invest in digital transformation initiatives, this trend should continue. However, a shortage of DevOps engineers and other IT professionals poses a major barrier to adopting new technologies. According to a Gartner survey, 64% of IT executives view […]

How to Hire the Right Talent the First Time

As anyone involved in hiring will tell you, few things are more frustrating than choosing the wrong candidate for a vacancy. Bringing what you thought was a prime candidate onboard only to have them fall well short of expectations can be downright demoralizing. Not only did you waste thousands in recruiting and training expenses, but […]

Use This Data Science Skills Test Before You Hire

As a direct result of the digital revolution, businesses harvest more data than ever before. For these organizations to leverage all of this information, they must hire data scientists and other analytics professionals. This growing need for these professionals will cause the data science market to grow to over $322.9 billion by 2026. The U.S. […]

A Skills-Based Approach to the Tech Talent Shortage

According to the World Economic Forum, there are approximately 11 million job vacancies in the United States alone. While these vacancies exist across many industries, the ongoing talent shortage has hit the information technology sector particularly hard. This shortfall of professionals has impacted more than just software and other IT-centric businesses. Virtually all companies that […]

Why IT Skills Testing Is Important in a Tech Talent Shortage

You have likely heard murmurings about the ongoing tech talent shortage. However, you may not be sure how severe this shortage has become or, more importantly, what you can do about it. If this sounds familiar, trust us because you are not alone. Many business leaders are concerned about filling important IT vacancies amid this […]

How to Roll Out Skills-Based Hiring

Skills-based talent management has been a hot topic lately. Its popularity has grown because employers are exploring new ways to improve their hiring and talent management strategies following the Great Resignation. While skills-based talent management is not new, it is more popular than ever. Various industries use it with great success, including tech, education, and […]

What Is an MS Word Skills Test and Simulation?

With tens of millions of users around the globe, Microsoft Word is unquestionably the most popular word processing solution on the planet. While the widespread usage of this software makes it easy for employers to find candidates familiar with the product, it is much more difficult to determine which applicants possess high-level proficiency with Word. […]

Top Skills Needed for Hospitality Management

According to recent data, only about one in ten people have natural leadership ability. An additional 20% of individuals possess some of the basic qualities of a great manager and can become leaders with training and guidance. While hiring individuals with management potential is essential to the success of any business, it is particularly important […]

How Microsoft Skills Assessment Tests Help You Hire and Train Better

Like most businesses, your company probably relies on the Microsoft Office Suite of products like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint to perform mission-critical tasks. If so, implementing Microsoft Office Word skills tests may hold the key to hiring smarter and creating more effective training protocols for your staff. Below, we provide a comprehensive guide to Microsoft […]

Tired of Turnover? Customer Service Skills Tests for Hiring and Training in Hospitality

While the hospitality industry has a history of high annual turnover rates, excessive employee attrition can seriously risk business continuity and damage profitability. If you have been contending with high turnover and are tired of the endless recruiting and hiring cycle, it is time to take action. Specifically, you should begin screening applicants for the […]

What Is Included in a Microsoft Word Skills Test?

For years, highly respected publications such as Forbes have encouraged business leaders to invest in pre-hire testing solutions. This comes as no surprise since utilizing skills testing for pre-employment screening offers many benefits. However, some business owners and stakeholders are hesitant to adopt skills testing because they do not know what these screening tools include. […]
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