How to Avoid Workplace Bullying by Manager? Recognize these styles.

The word “bullying” usually summons thoughts of school-age kids behaving badly. But bullying does not stop with children. Unfortunately, while people get bigger, some never truly grow up, and they bring their childish antics with them when they enter the workplace. As a human resources professional, I can tell you that bullying occurs in the […]

Why Bank Teller Skills Tests Are Critical for Banks and Credit Unions

Banking is more complex and offers more options today than ever before. Today you can send and receive money through several online and digital services, like PayPal, Venmo, Cash App, and Zelle without ever stepping foot inside of a bank or credit union.  Depositing and withdrawing money has become more convenient without any human interaction […]

Ensure HIPAA Compliance. Use HIPAA Tests in Hiring.

The Health Information Portability and Accountability Act, also known as HIPAA, sets the standard for healthcare data protection.  Health information must be protected. The information regulated by HIPAA is called protected health information or PHI.  This directly affects hospitals and clinics, assisted living communities, human resources personnel files (FMLA and ADA), as well as today’s […]

Making a Positive Impact on the Healthcare Talent Crisis

Talent shortages affect many industries, but the inability to find workers in the healthcare industry is more of a talent crisis than a shortage. Since December of 2010, ten thousand Baby Boomers a day turn 65 years old – and this will continue for the next 10 years! Most physicians are able to see 18 […]

How Top Staffing Agencies Use Pre-Hire Assessments

How would you assess a candidate’s ability and potential to be successful? Although there are no guarantees when it comes to recruiting and hiring, can help. You know that misrepresentations are common among candidates and the cost can be daunting when those candidates say they are a fit and turn out not to be. You […]

5 Top HR Tech Trends to Start Using in 2019

In 2008, Apple debuted the iPhone 3G and Tesla Motors introduced us to their super-fast electric car, the Tesla Roadster. Yeah, that’s been over a decade already!  You have probably never considered how these innovations could impact the workplace, yet they have.  So, how have they changed work today? There is a direct correlation between […]

The Best Way to Hire Remote Staff

Working from home is one the top perks in today’s extremely competitive job market. According to, candidates searched for jobs using the term “Remote” increased 85% in two years. As someone who works with job seekers often, I can tell you the requests for remote or virtual opportunities are more and more frequent. And […]

How to Hire an Intern Who Can Do More Than Order Coffee

“I was working for a production company and I was on a shoot for an exercise video… In between takes, I had to clean up their sweat off the floor on my hands and knees.” “I worked at a radio station… the DJ I was working with made me get coffee every day, specifically with […]

4 Keys to Developing a Robust Young-Talent Pipeline

Young workers? If you believe the headlines, young workers are all unreliable, entitled, non-committal and whiny – but that is fake news. Young workers generally get a bad reputation based on the actions of a few and the truth is, just as a sports franchise needs young athletes, companies need young workers. But why is […]

How to Reduce the Time It Takes to Hire

The time it takes to hire is steadily increasing. Jen Dewar, a contributor to Lever’s Talent Innovation Blog, in October 2017, wrote that, according to DHI Hiring Indicators, the average time to hire was 30 days. Nikoletta Bika, in her article for Workable, referred to a September 2017 DHI Hiring study that categorized the time […]

Why Is It So Hard to Find Talented and Skilled Employees?

It is not a myth! The “Skills Gap” is real. But the question is why? If you speak to job seekers, they will tell you they are talented and skilled, yet no one calls them back. Yet, when speaking with recruiters and companies who are actively looking to hire, they say it is very difficult […]

Should HR Include Cryptocurrencies as HR Benefits?

Cryptocurrency is a popular buzzword. It was one of the most searched terms on the Internet in 2017. But why? What is a cryptocurrency anyway? Normally, I am not one to use dictionary definitions when writing, unless it is absolutely necessary, and, in this case, it is. The word “crypto” is Greek and means “a […]
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