API and Integration

The eSkill Application Programming Interface (API) can be fully integrated into your existing applicant database, Applicant Tracking System (ATS), or Learning Management System (LMS).

The information flow can take place in two ways:

1. A one-way system, where candidates are redirected to the eSkill website through the use of a link, where, after logging in, they are tested. At the end of the test, eSkill sends the results to you.

2. A two-way system, where candidates and trainees are able to access eSkill assessments directly from within your website or intranet, and they are seamlessly taken to the eSkill website for the assessment. Test results are sent to you, with the option of forwarding it to the test takers. Your database, ATS, or LMS will be able to access individual test results to aid in your management of applicants and trainees.

How the two-way system works with eSkill Integration:

  1. The applicant or trainee logs into your system.
  2. He or she accesses a test.
  3. He or she is taken immediately to the eSkill site to take the assessment.
  4. Test results are sent to you.
  5. You can optionally share the results with your test takers.

Apart from the standard API solution, eSkill is also available for:

  • Integration with platforms that already have their own API.

  • On-demand integrations with custom-made modifications based on any client-specific needs.

To ensure customer satisfaction, eSkill also offers tiered customer support for any problems that may emerge.

The seamless integration eSkill offers makes it easy to rank applicants or trainees in your database according to their proficiency in specific skill sets. You can easily keep track of the specifics in your ongoing recruiting or training programs by compiling objective data on their skill levels.

For more information, contact sales@eskill.com.