Test your Applicants’ Writing Skills

Use eSkill’s tailored-written skills assessment tests to help you:

  • Determine your applicants’ ability to comprehend and communicate, from their basic knowledge of grammar and punctuation, to fluency and professionalism.
  • Rely on objective test scores to rank candidates’ written skills, including technical writing skills and the ability to communicate.
  • Assess working knowledge and aptitude for written communication, using actual business examples.
  • Qualify applicants who communicate clearly in a direct, courteous, and professional manner.

Speed up your hiring process

Our skills tests evaluate written communication, to gauge knowledge of grammar, punctuation, and business etiquette. In addition, the eSkill test bank has a wealth of pre-employment assessment questions to choose from. Our written skills assessments comprehensively test applicants’ familiarity with good business form, their understanding of courtesy, clarity, and professionalism, and assess their comprehension skills.

Topics covered: E-mail Etiquette, Technical Writing Skills, Business Communication, English Language, and Proofreading.

How can pre-screening help save you time, so you can interview only the best communicators? Try our writing skills assessment sample test and see!

Streamline your recruiting: Choose our standard tests or design your own

Select from eSkill’s many pre-made subject-based or job-based tests, or create your own custom-designed skills assessments.

  • Subject-based assessments for subjects from Verbal Reasoning to Social Media assess your candidates’ active listening skills, comprehension skills, and written communication skills.
  • Job-based tests, from Office Assistant or Technical Writer to Online Marketing Specialist, cover specific on-the-job skills.
  • Our Editor lets you design your own questions or select questions from our test library. We offer more than 350 subjects and thousands of selectable subtopics to help you compile the most valid test for your job requirements.
  • Simulation tests evaluate on-the-job performance in the workplace.

See how eSkill can help you quickly identify candidates with the ideal skill set to meet your requirements.

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