When Speed and Accuracy are Critical,
Qualify Your Applicants Using eSkill’s Data Entry Test

  • Assess typing skills, spelling accuracy, and speed with a complete data entry (KPM) test
  • Verify attention to detail and memorizing abilities, along with 10-key data entry skills
  • Evaluate your applicants’ comprehension skills with information delivered audibly
  • Get an insight into their ability to work under time pressure

Find the right applicant whose skills meet your standards

Online skills tests are a valid tool that will significantly boost the efficiency of your recruiting process. Whether you are looking to hire staff for specific data entry jobs or for other positions that require typing speed and accuracy, eSkill’s data entry tests allow you to know your candidates before the interview and make a more accurate, informed selection. Objectively measure and compare typing and data entry skills by keystrokes per hour (KPH), keystrokes per minute (KPM), or actual gross and net WPM.

More than just a typical data entry test

We know each company is unique, and that testing needs often vary. That’s why eSkill offers a flexible and customizable skills assessment solution that is remarkably cost-effective!

  • Customize your data entry tests to assess the skills most relevant to your organization
  • Configure complete, multi-subject tests by adding questions to assess other work-related skills
  • Set your own time efficiency standards by modifying the standard questions’ time limits
  • Provide your own typing or data entry reference texts, specific to your company or industry

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