Learn how eSkill’s Microsoft Word® Testing Leads the Industry for Accuracy

Expertise with Microsoft Word® is essential to prevent communication errors, increase productivity, and reduce risk. eSkill has been a global leader in Microsoft Word® testing since 2000, and our multiple-solution simulations and graphical questions test MS Word® skills more thoroughly and realistically than competitors’ rigid tests. With eSkill, you can:

  • Choose MS Word® -only tests or combine multiple MS Office® subjects into one test.
  • MS Word® simulation questions evaluate applicants’ performance with menus AND shortcuts.
  • Combine any of eSkill subjects, topics, and questions into relevant, valid tests for any job.
  • Extensive reporting options and score reports for the highest level HR analysis.
  • Optional question feedback with answer keys make eSkill useful for internal training.

Know your job applicants before even talking with them

Identifying applicants quickly who are experienced with software like Microsoft Word® is an advantage that can make the difference between a good hire and a mistake, or a lost hire. Our MS Word® tests assess your candidates’ ability to perform operations from simple editing to more complex tasks like inserting a table of contents, cross-references, or objects, and working with macros and VBA.

Go beyond typical skills assessments with eSkill’s Microsoft Office® tests

eSkill’s simulation testing for MS Office® subjects evaluates your applicants’ real hands-on expertise against appropriate time limits. And to make sure you don’t miss any of the skills required for a job position, eSkill lets you assess a wide range of competences in just one test.

Here are some test subjects you can combine with our Microsoft Office® tests, to get a more thorough overview of how your applicants will perform on the job:

  • Email Etiquette, Technical Writing Skills, and Web Search Skills
  • Human Resources, Leadership Skills, and Management Skills
  • General Typing, 10-Key Data Entry, and more!

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