Discovering Top Talent is Easy with Microsoft Office® Tests Test Proficiencies, from Routine Tasks to Advanced Know-How

  • eSkill’s Microsoft Office® tests simulate the real work environment
  • Measure knowledge of menus, commands, and settings
  • Test on the latest versions of the MS Office® suite
  • Assess your candidates’ understanding of office software, and their experience in using it

Spare your company from unnecessary interviews

Whether you challenge your candidates to solve tasks in a simulated environment or administer a typical knowledge and skills test, eSkill’s multi-topic Microsoft Office® testing tools will highlight the best performing applicants. Assess their real skill level while performing automated processes using macros or application rules, making calculations, applying formulas, creating charts, or inserting references.

Why choose eSkill’s Microsoft Office® testing tools?

Employers can count on eSkill for a wide choice of testing tools. With material created by experts in a variety of subject areas, eSkill helps you hire highly proficient users of critical office software. eSkill is easy-to-use, timely, and affordable.

  • Choose from ready-made or customized knowledge tests that assess multiple types of skills
  • Combine Microsoft Office® tests with other skills assessments for a complete hiring test
  • Automatically create beginner-level or advanced-level tests, according to your needs
  • Get objective, accurate reports on your candidates’ skill levels

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