Let eSkill Find Your Microsoft Excel Experts

Our online Microsoft Excel simulations and tests cover everything an Excel expert should know, from basic spreadsheet creation to advanced formulas and macros.

  • A thorough Excel proficiency test will measure your candidates’ skill level in working with tables and charts, sorting and formatting data, incorporating programming basics using VBA, and much more.
  • Excel tests simulate the program’s environment for a the most realistic evaluation of task knowledge.
  • Excel test questions can be easily combined with questions from other subjects, including the rest of the Microsoft Office Suite, in order to create a comprehensive screening test for each of your applicants.
  • Testing your candidates’ knowledge of Excel will eliminate the guesswork of reading “proficiency in MS Excel” on each resume and wondering which people actually have the proficiency you need.

Qualify your applicants with Excel skills testing

Want to know what your candidates know before you hire? eSkill’s Microsoft Excel tests are designed to determine your applicants’ precise level of knowledge before the interview. Since 2000 eSkill has been a pioneer in customizable professional skills tests that are the most valid fit for a job.

Take a look at eSkill’s Microsoft Excel sample test.

Experience a revolutionized recruiting process

eSkill makes recruiting easier by giving you 100% flexibility in the creation of highly relevant, customized skills assessments. You can select a subject-based Microsoft Excel test, you can create a job-based test that combines Microsoft Excel and other related subjects, or you can hand-pick questions for a customized test of your own. eSkill has hundreds of modular subjects and thousands of topics to choose from.

  • Subject-based tests cover many fields, including Accounting, Administration, Customer Service and Retail.
  • Job-based tests assess the level of required skills, including Excel proficiency, for positions like General Ledger Accountant, Office Manager, Data Analyst, and more.
  • Choose as many questions as you like, then use the eSkill Editor to add your own questions for the perfect test.
  • Simulation tests measure potential employee performance in real-life work environments.

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