Test the Mastery of Mathematics

Math skills are critical to every aspect of business, from cashiering and sales to accounting and inventory. With eSkill’s pre-employment math tests, you can stay on top of who measures up and who doesn’t.

  • Evaluate an applicant’s command of basic arithmetic and mathematical concepts such as numerical reasoning and logic.
  • Rank your candidates’ math skills by their test scores.
  • Gauge the applicant’s working knowledge of critical skills used in retail and accounting, using real-world examples, including making change and taking inventory.
  • Identify a candidate’s ability to use logic to identify and sort relevant information.

Save time by screening with standardized tests

In eSkill’s test library, you will find volumes of assessment questions to choose from, ranging from industry-specific skills to knowledge of commonly used applications. Our employment math tests cover the most important mathematical operations, including equations, fractions, making change, numerical reasoning, inventory analysis, and finding relevant information in certain diagrams.

Topics covered: Basic Arithmetic, Retail Math, Logical Thinking, Data Checking, and Numerical Reasoning.

Take a peek into eSkill’s math skills assessment sample test to see how pre-screening with a math test for employment can help you spend your time interviewing only the most capable candidates.

Experience a revolutionized recruiting process

Streamline your hiring process by choosing from eSkill standardized or job-based tests or by configuring customized skills assessments, using:

  • Subject-based assessments for topics such as Numerical Reasoning, Sales Clerk Skills, Retail Math, General Retail Knowledge, Debt Collection, Bank Teller Skills, and Basic Arithmetic.
  • Job-based tests, for positions such as Shift Supervisor, Cage Cashier, Pricing Manager, Retail Cashier, Retail Analyst, Teller, Accounting Clerk, Payroll Technician, Cash and Banking Supervisor, Vault Clerk, and Medical Biller.
  • Our eSkill Editor, where you can create/upload your own questions. Or choose individual questions from our test library of more than 350 subjects to assemble a test with the right combination of skills for your job requirements.
  • Simulation tests that gauge performance in authentic work settings.

When you need to recruit and hire the right employees for your company, the answer is eSkill. Try one of our testing solutions today.

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