Identify Qualified Accounting Professionals.
Verify Expertise with eSkill’s Accounting Skills Tests

  • Objectively rank your candidates’ accounting skills levels before the interview
  • Improve recruiting efficiency with accounting tests designed by experts
  • Customize your accounting skills tests by matching them to the specific job requirements
  • Use a single practical and concise test to evaluate multiple skill categories

Eliminate the risk of hiring mistakes when it comes to your company’s money!

You no longer need to rely only on the interview to detect exaggerated competences presented in resumes. Pre-employment accounting tests from eSkill are a sensible choice for assessing candidates’ real skill levels working with accounts payable, receivables, debits and credits, payroll, financial reports, and statements, along with general work abilities like attention to detail, math, and problem-solving.

Get your money’s worth with flexible skills assessment solutions

Beyond ready-made accounting tests for typical job positions, eSkill offers tremendous flexibility and customization at an affordable price. Comprehensively evaluate the capabilities of candidates, matched to the specific skill requirements of the position you need to fill.

  • Combine as many test subjects as you like into a single skills test
  • Source over 350 subjects from our library, including Microsoft Office®, Primary Work Skills, and Typing and Data Entry
  • Configure your own company-specific test questions with the eSkill Editor

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